Thanking our Veterans, one painting at a time.

     The Freedom Rock (established in 1999) is a large (approx. 60+ ton) boulder located in rural Iowa that is repainted every year with a different Thank You for our nations Veterans to honor their service to our country.  The artist, Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II, was inspired by the movie Saving Private Ryan, as well as, wanting to give Veterans a unique recognition on Memorial Day.
     Sorensen paints The Freedom Rock on his own with the tremendous support of family and friends.  Sorensen is not commissioned to paint the rock but is able to do so each year with the generous help of donations.
    While painting murals across the country Sorensen had the idea of spreading the message of The Freedom Rock to other small communities across Iowa.  The idea in part came from the 99 county tours that both Sen. Grassley and journalist Kyle Munson took part in, and so the Freedom Rock Tour was born.
     Sorensen has traveled the state of Iowa the past decade or so, to put a (smaller and unique to their area) Freedom Rock in each county. There is now a Freedom Rock in every one of Iowa's 99 counties, including the 100th in Altoona, IA. Now, Bubba has started the 50 State Freedom Rock Tour and is now booking across the country.

     During the winter months Sorensen can be found painting indoor murals (or in warm climates outdoor murals).  He is also an Iowa Legislator and works for House District 23 at the State Capitol from January through the end of session in April/May (usually).

    Thanks for visiting and if you have questions about The Freedom Rock, The Tour, or hiring Ray for a mural, be sure to contact us.

The Freedom Rock® Official Website

The Rural Iowa Annual Mural Painting for our Veterans

Painted by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II


Thank You Veterans for our Freedom.

The "Original" Freedom Rock's Annual Murals:

Created by Artist: Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II

A video from midway through the Iowa Freedom Rock Tour